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Complete Roofing Services for Commercial Building Owners and Facility/Property Managers. As expert repair/service technicians, we are prompt and professional. If the time has come to replace your roof, let us show you how a properly engineered system will not cost but can pay by reducing energy costs and eliminate continual service issues.

Our promise is to provide a solution, not a sales pitch.

Repair / Service / Emergency

Proper repairs & maintenance will extend the remaining life of the roof and keep resulting damage to a minimum. Damage to the structure and tenant belongings/equipment can be costly and can incur expensive insurance claims. LS West, llc specializes in the service and repair of commercial low slope / flat roofs. Our repair work is an engineered, permanent solution that is workmanship guaranteed. LS West, llc is prompt and professional. If needed, we can be very flexible with our scheduling. We specialize in minimal disruption for tenants or residents. We always try to eliminate headaches (tenant complaints) for a building’s owner or property manager. LS West, llc is available 24/7/365.

Restoration (Coatings and Fabrics)

There are many commercial roof coating products/systems that provide an excellent alternative to reroofing and repair. When properly used for restoration, roof coatings can bypass the tear-off & replace process resulting in significant savings. Not all roofs can be restored. Each roof must be inspected and evaluated. Roof areas that are wet, rusted or rotted should never be coated/covered over. A roof must be structurally sound and in good performing condition. Restoring low slope / flat roofs is specialized work. A quality restoration/coating system will be material and workmanship guaranteed by the manufacturer. Quality manufacturers will certify only the best contractors to install their roof systems.

Replace / Reroof

The time has come to replace your roof. The commercial building owner including- landlord, business owner or HOA board member has a wide array of options available to them when replacing the roof on their building(s). It is important that the money an owner has spent is an investment that will pay with a premium performance. Let us show you how a properly engineered roof system will not cost but can pay by reducing energy costs and eliminating continual service/leak issues. LS West, llc specializes in TPO, PVC and EPDM single-ply membranes. Our insulation assemblies and sheet metal work are state of the art. We always complete our work in a safe and professional manner and back our roofs with long-term manufacturer and workmanship guarantees.